What are they?
Veneers are a conservative treatment option for changing the shape, alignment and or color of healthy teeth. Removal of tooth structure is limited to what is necessary to achieve the desired shape and color of your smile. In certain cases, veneers can be placed without removing any tooth structure at all.

What makes a beautiful smile?
A beautiful smile is a matter of preference, and Dr. Kahn insists that patients coming to the office for cosmetics actively participate in the smile design process.


When am I better off with a crown?
This depends on the situation. Veneers are a great option when teeth are healthy with either small or no history of fillings. If tooth has large fillings or decay, an all-ceramic crown might be the better treatment option. If you have chipped and broken teeth, the reason for those chipped and broken teeth must be determined before providing any cosmetic treatment. If the causes are not removed first, there is a good chance you will break and chip porcelain just as you broke and chipped enamel.

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