Full Mouth Rehabilitation


What is full mouth rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation is the proper treatment for people with broken down, poorly functioning bites. Treatment requires careful and comprehensive planning and may require collaboration between a general dentist and one or more specialists.


How do I move forward if I think I might need full mouth rehabilitation?

The first step is meeting with a dentist and discussing your concerns.  From there the dentist will conduct a comprehensive exam and take the necessary records to analyze you bite, discern the reasons for its deterioration and determine the best path for restoration.


How long does full mouth rehabilitation take?

The length of full mouth rehabilitation varies on a case by case basis.  Rehabilitation can be anything from the fabrication of dentures to full mouth implant supported crown and bridge.  Some cases take weeks; other cases can take longer than a year.   Treatment plans requiring surgical procedures or orthodontics are those cases that tend to take 6 months or longer to complete.



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