Sports Dentistry

What is it?
Dr. Kahn works with Guard Lab to making custom fit mouth guards that are worn during athletic activity.

How can a Guard Lab athletic guard help me?
First and foremost, a custom made athletic guard will help reduce the risk of impact trauma to your teeth that can occur during athletic activity. In addition, some athletes may grind or clench their teeth while exerting energy or while concentrating. A custom guard will help protect your teeth in the same manner a night guard offers protection for people who clench or grind while sleeping.

How do I get a custom athletic guard?
First thing that you have to do is visit Guard Lab’s homepage at On Guard Lab’s site you choose and design your custom guard. Once payment is submitted to Guard Lab, you can schedule with Dr. Kahn for your 3-D virtual impression. Dr. Kahn will use a camera that fits inside your mouth to make a virtual impression of your teeth and record a bite with proper sports posture. The file is sent to Guard Lab securely where the athletic guard you designed is 3-D printed and then mailed to your home within a few days.

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