Root Canal

What is it?
Root canal therapy is a procedure that is necessary to save a tooth when the nerve and blood vessels are irreversibly damaged by microorganisms or by trauma. The canal that houses the nerve is cleaned out, disinfected, and then sealed with material that is compatible with our bodies.

How do I know if I might need root canal?
Several signs may arise that could indicate the need for root canal. These can include swelling, sensitivity to hot or cold and/or pain in the tooth or gums. However, these symptoms can be caused by other conditions and proper diagnosis with digital imaging and nerve testing is necessary before deciding to proceed with root canal treatment.

How can root canal help me?
Root canal helps to save teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted and replaced with implants, bridges or removable partial dentures.

Dr. Kahn treats most of his own root canal cases. However, more complex cases are may be referred to a endodontic, who specializes in root canals.

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