Tooth Whitening Treatment

What determines the natural color of my teeth?

The determinates of natural tooth color are enamel and dentin, as well as the degree of enamel translucency. Enamel is the outermost layer and is whiter. Dentin is the layer underneath the enamel and tends to have a more yellow hue. Light shines through natural teeth, and the degree of translucency of the enamel determines how the underlying dentin influences the overall color.

How can I get my teeth whiter?

The first step to having whiter teeth is having proper oral hygiene. Color is perceived by how an object reflects light. The color of light that is reflected is the color of light that you see. The poorer one’s oral hygiene, the more likely a tooth is to be coated with food, beverage or tobacco particles. All of these particles, along with plaque, reflect light of an unflattering color. For patients who want whiter teeth without the bleach, we have pioneered a unique program that we call The Plaque Pack. Click here for more information about this original LI Sound Dental Solutions club.

My teeth are clean. I still want them whiter. Now what?

If you are unhappy with your natural tooth color and would feel more confident with a whiter smile, LI Sound Dental Solutions offers Pola professional whitening products. Dr. Kahn recommends whitening solution, concentration and regimen on a case-by-case basis.   Successful tooth whitening is dependent upon at least 10-14 treatments and studies show that the number of treatments is more important than product selection itself. Dr. Kahn believes that the best regimen is the one that a patient will be able to stick with. A choice of product and regimen from the Pola product line will be made after patient expectation and motivation has been accessed. For additional information on Pola visit:




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