Taryn’s Story



Taryn’s Story

With over a decade working itaryn-schaal-4-beforen the dental field, Taryn had always been conscious of her smile. The endless cycle of replacing fillings with larger fillings resulted in teeth that were discolored, worn and prone to more staining and reinfection. Taryn often talked and smiled with her hand over her mouth to prevent others from seeing her teeth.

Taryn’s primary concern taryn-schaal-5-beforewhen she came to LISDS was cosmetics, but after a diagnostic exam and bite analysis it was clear that Taryn’s case involved more than just fixing her smile. Her case was full mouth rehabilitation in every sense, involving multiple disciplines of dentistry. After removing all infection and harmonizing her bite with her temperomandibular joint, Dr. Kahn was able to address Taryn’s smile. The improvements are significant and Taryn has newfound confidence in her smile.

Taryn’s case is still ongoing. She is currently going through orthodontics before her lower arch can be restored. Please check back as we will post updated pictures when treatment is completed.

Taryn Now:



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