Patient Safety

At LI Sound Dental Solutions, our top priority is patient safety. Our office is compliant with the US government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

Miele G7881 Washer/Disinfector

When dental instruments are used it is inevitable that they will collect debris. Proper safety technique requires that all visible debris be removed from instruments before being subjected to sterilization measures. Debris on an instrument prevents sterilization agents from coming into contact with the instrument surface. Simply put…any place visible debris covers the surface of an instrument, sterilization cannot be guaranteed.

Traditionally, instruments are run through an ultrasonic washer that creates vibratory waves which in turn loosens and removes debris. The instruments are then manually scrubbed before being sterilized in an autoclave unit. LI Sound Dental Solutions goes one step further…the Miele G7881 washer/disinfector.

Think of the Miele G7881 as a dishwasher for dental instruments. Instruments are run through a 2-stage cleaning cycle. Instruments are first exposed to 20 minutes of soaps and high power water jets to remove debris. After instruments are clean they are held at 203 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes to thermally inactivate all fungus, bacteria and viruses. According to Miele, the G7881’s disinfection exceeds OSHA standards for microbial contamination reduction of 99.99%.


Midmark M11/M3 Steam Sterilizers

After being subjected to cleaning and disinfection, instruments at LI Sound Dental Solutions are run through sterilization cycles in our Midmark M11 Ultraclave or M3 Ultrafast Automatic Sterilizers. Instruments are exposed to steam under high pressure for extended time. While multiple sterilization techniques exist, pressurized steam sterilization is the most widely used and most dependable form of instrument sterilization in the dental setting.


Every week we run a sterilization test and submit our results to a third party company for evaluation.  This is an added layer of patient protection that helps us ensure that our sterilization equipment is functioning properly.

Single Patient Burs and Endodontic Files

At LI Sound Dental Solutions, all in-mouth burs used for fillings and crowns, and all files used for root canals are limited to single patient use. When you are done with your treatment all in-mouth filling and crown burs used, as well as endodontic files, are discarded rather than sterilized for future use on another patient.

ALARA – As Low As Reasonably Achievable

LI Sound Dental Solutions advocates ALARA when it comes to radiographic exposure of our patients. We also have the technology to back up our philosophy. Like many offices we use digital radiography for 2-D and 3-D imaging, but what sets us apart is the ultra low dose feature on our Planmeca 3-D machine. Just as an example, with Planmeca’s ultra low dose settings, we can take a diagnostic 3-D scan of an entire jaw at the same radiographic exposure as the average exposure for 2 digital intraoral 2-D x-rays. With improvements in technology and reduction in radiographic exposure, it’s not crazy to think that 3-D imaging may replace 2-D imaging in the future as the standard in dental diagnostics. We’re proud to be in at the ground floor with the technology that Planmeca has pioneered.

Brightsquid – protect exchange of your personal information with encryption

LI Sound Dental Solutions provides access to a 3rd party encryption service to all doctors, labs and patients who we interact with for no additional charge. Anytime we send or receive sensitive content we insist that it is done through Brightsquid. Brightsquid is a password protected, encrypted site where our patients and peers can log in to view their emails and case updates. When a message is waiting for you in Brightsquid, you will receive a personal email informing you that a secure message waits. Log into your free account at and you can safely view your sensitive content.

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